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Will Kruspe

Maker, Marketer, and Manufacturing Enthusiast


My love for mechanics began in the Automotive Industry where I learned about what makes cars and trucks tick. Shortly after I've worked in the CNC, Additive Manufacturing, and CAD/CAE Design Industries overtime. Writing has always been my preferred form of expression, and this blog is my vehicle. Through this blog, I aim to broadcast current methods of manufacturing as well as the emerging technologies that will forever change the way we make things. Above all else, I hope to show off the amazing work that people all across the nation are making each and every day. 




Topics like 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Robotics, and Metal Fabrication are among a few manufacturing technologies I plan to shed light on. My vision for this site is to curate an online community full of makers alike to share ideas, tips, and processes to make any invention imaginable. Above all, I hope to educate and learn from people of various industries and sectors of making. Whether you are an industry veteran or a novice crafter, I hope to provide valuable content for people of all skill sets and interest levels. 

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